Radical Resilience: How to Live Well in a Sick World


April 28, 2021


“Uncertainty only has one certainty, and that is this too shall change”, says Susanna Barkataki to co-host Neelam Pathikonda regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. In their debut episode of Radical Resilience, the duo dives deep into an all too familiar topic: uncertainty during a global pandemic. 

While the episode was originally recorded at the start of the pandemic and much has changed, one thing remains certain: uncertainty. With the distribution of vaccines and a rise of new variants, we are still so uncertain of how life will move forward. Fear and anxiety have been the emotions driving thoughts and decisions regarding everyday life. They are universal emotions that everyone has been feeling, including the hosts.

Susanna and Neelam use their expertise in health and wellness to offer encouraging tips and tricks on how to emotionally thrive, even in the most uncertain of times. Throughout all the panic, doubt, and anxiety, the hosts graciously suggest using this time to embrace the natural world and find freedom in the present moments. Taking time doing things that make us feel grounded, censoring what media we engage with, and allowing ourselves to feel through our emotions are essential to maintaining emotional balance. They remind those of us with privilege, to leverage it and band together to support our communities. After all, “what we are consuming is a worldwide panic, it is not just ours, it is everybody’s.”

Tune in to episode one of Radical Resilience to learn how to find acceptance in uncertainty and replace those feelings of anxiety, doubt and isolation with “joy, peace, and connection.”


  • “When we can just surrender to the situation as it is, we no longer have to suffer” (06:45-06:50)
  • “Our minds run to the past and they run to the future, but the freedom is only available in the present moment” (8:10-8:17)
  • “What we are consuming is a worldwide panic, it is not just ours, it is everybody’s” (33:22-33:28) 
  • “Uncertainty only has one certainty, and that is this too shall change” (12:49-12:55) 

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Click here for  Stress Reducing Meditation and Tips for Radical Resilience in #COVIDLIFE

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Journal prompts:

  1. How do you react to feeling uncertainty?
  2. How do you know it is there?
  3. What practices support you in dealing with uncertainty?
  4. What does it look like for our society which has been quite coddled, to shift to dealing with this level of uncertainty?
  5. Coping mechanisms?

(Medical Disclaimer: We want to remind you that any yoga wellness or health advice presented is not meant to replace the advice of your personal physician or other healthcare professional.  Please always seek competent medical care.)

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