Radical Resilience: How to Live Well in a Sick World

How to Have an Accessible Home Yoga and Wellness Practice During the Pandemic & Beyond

June 3, 2021



In the midst of the pandemic, we had to redefine the way we approached wellness and yoga practices. When we couldn’t go to the gyms, or our friends houses, or other places we went to for our wellness practices. In this episode of Radical Resilience, your hosts Susanna Barkataki and Dr. Neelam Pathikonda sit down with their dear friend, Kelley Palmer to answer the question we have all been asking: how do you have an at-home yoga and wellness practice?

Kelley Palmer, a black queer creative is passionate about bringing equitable and sustainable wellness to the BIPOC community. For her, this time has made her feel the most whole and complete. Even though the state of the world has not changed that much and there is still significant changes that need to be made, Kelley feels that her wholeness has come from the realization that she can create a space of wellness for herself, and support others to do the same. 

The pandemic has redefined the way that Kelley has approached wellness for herself. In the last year wellness has taken many shapes and forms. It has allowed her to also focus on what is right for her. It looks like working less, sleeping in, making amazing food at home, roller skating so forth but the biggest takeaway Kelley has found is that her wellness does not have to be defined by what she provides externally. She has centered her practice around existing and breathing. 

Although Kelley does not know exactly what equitable yoga and wellness looks like, what she does know is that we cannot get too hung up on our visions. When we only think of our visions, we don’t allow ourselves to be open to future improvements. Kelley’s first step to approaching equitable wellness is rest. It is not possible for anything to be “restorative, sustainable or equitable from a depleted space.” In addition to rest, Kelley is in a constant practice of questioning her values and beliefs. Being rested enough to sit with yourself and discomfort is vital to the progression of wellness. 

Even though life looks much different and we are slowly getting back to what we considered ‘normal’ life will truly never be the same. Tune in to this episode of Radical Resilience for tips on how to master your yoga and wellness practices no matter where you are. 


“If each of us is thinking that our vision is the end vision, we get held up every time we make the vision.” (14:48- 14:55)

“I don’t think that anything can be restorative, sustainable or equitable from a depleted space” (18:06-18:14)

“I know how I can change how I view resources, how I resource myself, what I uphold as the most important thing and be in a real practice of being okay with dumping out the contents of what I think is true about myself, about other people, about the world.”   (25:30- 25:50)




Benefits of Yoga 

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Journal prompts: 

  1. If you had a day filled with radial self care and pleasure, what would it look like? Where would you be? Who would you be with? How would it feel in your body?
  2. Do you have sacred space in your life? In what ways can you/do you cultivate sacred space?

Medical Disclaimer:

We want to remind you that any yoga wellness or health advice presented is not meant to replace the advice of your personal physician or other healthcare professional always seek competent medical care.

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